My sister had just gotten married at the Ritz-Carlton and the elegant reception was in full swing. I was due to make my toast as her maid of honor but couldn't find my speech anywhere. I found myself frantically reconstructing my thoughts on a paper napkin just minutes before 200 pairs of eyes were squarely on me. The speech went well but I vowed never to be so unprepared for important life events. Fifteen years later, I'm an award-winning writer helping others craft and deliver memorable, customized speeches for their loved ones' weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, funerals and other special occasions. Would love to chat with you about your upcoming event. Email me, Brenda, at or call me at 626-484-1290.

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Ms. Brenda Gazzar gets Five Stars for speech writing!  

Wow, what can I say.  Brenda delivered an amazing and expertly crafted toast at our wedding.  It was so good in fact my dad didn't want to follow - and he's an attorney who always has something to say.    Brenda beautifully wove our story together, capturing heartfelt moments and the depth of our relationship in a humorous and compelling way.  Whether you want to deliver the best speech of the event or you simply want to say a few meaningful words, I highly recommend putting your faith in Brenda Gazzar.  You can trust her experience, creativity, and inquisitive intellect to write the words you truly want to say.

Jodie F.


Brenda is an amazing, talented and creative writer. She takes what you want to say and writes it in a way you want to say it your own words and thoughts! She will make sure you have the perfect speech that you're comfortable with. I would highly recommend using Brenda and would definitely use her again! 


Sheila R.

Brenda helped me express my feelings into words for my maid of honor speech for my sister's wedding. She was great to work with.

Sylvia P.